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Caroline Liggett

About the Artist

Caroline was born and raised in North Vancouver, BC and resides in Lynn Valley with her husband and two grown sons.  She has two dogs that are always by her side when she paints.  She creates in her home studio in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver. 
Caroline also works part time with adults and children teaching them to paint.  She also loves conducting private and public paint parties.

Seeing others learn that they can paint something beautiful fills her with joy. 
She fluctuates between whimsical landscapes and animals to the other end
of the painting spectrum creating large textured abstracts. She is a bit of an
artistic rule breaker and doesn’t like being defined by one style as she feels it is constricting. 

Her process is driven by heart and spirit.  She threw herself into painting in 2009 in while in deep grief after the sudden loss of her younger sister Catherine.  “There is only one way through grief and that is THROUGH it, so painting lessons became my therapy.”
She is so grateful for the artists that guided her through those years with lessons and workshops sharing their gifts. 

Painting is her meditation and joy maker today. She moves through pain, love or deep gratitude when creating and it gives her a greater connection with others.

FB:  Caroline Liggett Artist
IG:  Carolineliggett